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Make The Difference
Photograph of a lady having her hair braided - love it together-boikanyo
Picture of the word lifePicture of family standing outside a shack - Love It togetherThe word love graffitied on a wall
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A percentage of the money from the sale of each book will go to the project we are supporting called Boikanyo in Soweto in South Africa.

As our movement grows, we will find other projects in South Africa where we can share and show the difference we can make by loving, acting, thinking and sharing in a beautiful world together.

We will identify projects that make a real difference through supporting education, sustainability initiatives and environmental causes.
Our movement is audited and overseen by Lutrin and Associates and Clifford Levin Attorneys.

We are always excited and open to affiliations, assistance from volunteers and support from anyone who can help us Love it Together more.